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Research Journal Paper - Siobhán McClean - BpOmpW antigen administered with CAF01 adjuvant stimulates comparable T cell responses to Sigma Adjuvant System. Vaccine: X Accepted 12 Jan 2024


Invited Speaker - Siobhán McClean invited to speak at NIH workshop "Systematic Approaches for ESKAPE Bacteria Antigen Discovery" to explore iniatives to optimise development of vaccines for ESKAPE pathogens. November 2023, Rockville, MD, USA.

Invited Speaker - Siobhán McClean invited by Irish College General Practitioners (ICGP) to speak on panel discussion to discuss the impact of vaccines in reducing AMR, organised by the RCSI with Pfizer Medical Affairs and AMR Ireland in conjunction with ICGP. The 2 hour webinar was entitled "Resisting Resistance: A Discussion on Innovation in AMR" Held 21 November 2023 online.

Poster Presentation - Julen Tomás Cortázar, AIVRT Post Doctoral Researcher - Poster Presentation at BSI - (P-372) A moonlighting reductase from Burkholderia pseudomallei induces IFN-y responses in non- and insulin-resistant mice

Invited Speaker - Anne Moore - British Society for Immunology, BSI Congress 2023, Belfast, Invited Speaker 4-7 Dec. 2023 The impact of delivery technology on vaccine-induced immunity: how to optimise vaccine-induced immunity with dissolvable microarray patches.

Invited Speaker - Anne Moore - UK Clinical Vaccine Network Conference, Royal College of Physicians at The Spine, Liverpool 29 June 2023. Rationale and Some Honest Reasons for Having a Career in Vaccine Research.

Invited Speaker - Anne Moore - SSPC Symposium, University of Limerick. Formulation Approaches to Create Next Generation Vaccines that Block Infection and Transmission. 30 Aug. 2023.

Invited Speaker - Anne Moore - Skin Vaccine Summit, Edinburgh, UK 28-30 March 2023. Neonatal and adult innate immune responses to microneedle-mediated vaccination through the skin.

Invited Speaker - Anne Moore - Vector Biology/Skin Immune Crosstalk joint Keystone Symposium, Breckenridge, CO, USA Feb 13-16 2023. Microarray Patches to Vaccinate at the Skin Interface.

Research Journal Paper - Laura Sahm, Aoife Fleming, Anne Moore - Identifying intervention strategies to improve HPV vaccine decision-making using behaviour change theory PMID: 36669967 DOI: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2023.01.025

Public Engagement - Invited Speaker - Rebecca Ingram presents at TEDxQUB "When antibiotics stop!"


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